My guitars boast a number of uncommon design elements, each used with the intention to increase sound production, make the instruments more stable and/or increase the repairability over the lifetime of the guitar.



  • Carbon Fibre U-rod Neck Reinforcement: Installed to stiffen and stabilize the neck.

  • Custom Made Double Action Truss Rod: Made by Luthier Mark Blanchard, corrosion proof with a unique dual thread micro adjustment.

  • Hollow Core Backs: This idea was given to me by Luthier Jeremy Clark. Made from 4 wood layers of alternating grain direction with a core of Nomex, this design allows me to create a very evenly stiff, very active back contributing greatly to the volume and tone of my instruments.

  • Structured Sides: Constructed from three layers of wood, the centre laminate being kerfed to lighten and make bendable. These sides are very stiff and stable,  taking some of the load off the top allowing me to lighten the soundboards, thus creating more potential for sound production.

  • Fully Removable Bolted Neck Joint: Contrary to popular belief a glued neck joint isn't actually a tighter neck joint. When glueing a joint one needs to leave room for the wood to swell once the glue is applied. With a bolted neck joint I can ensure a perfectly fit, wood to wood joint with the added benefit of easy neck resets down the road.